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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 1-23-2005 at 12:01am
Current mood: sad
Music: Metalica - Nothing Else Matters

welps thursday went to school and did finals in all 4 classes I did good on all of them besides Alg. 2 AHH that was sooo HARD!.... but yea anyways then i stayed after school like all of the Jr high girls/boys and Tabi did cause we thought we was going to the games but yea they cancelled them... so aunt brenda brought me home and i was here by myself for a while in pain i might i layed on the coach and watched Tv and talked online for a while but not long....... then mom and Grace got home at like 8 and i ate and then went to bed at like 10 cuz i was in alot of pain and it was just easier to go to bed then to sit there and try to watch tv or talk online..... then on friday i got up at like um... 10 i think and got online at like 10:30 or so and talked to Chris and he was telling me he missed me and missed how we was when he was in virginia (lies)......... but yea i believed him and thought about him all day...... at like 2 i left the house and went to the Ciropracter (spelled wrong) and Dr. Knipp told me that my back is out of place in 4 different places it hurts REALLY bad we didnt get out of there till like 4:30 lol and we got there at 15 till 3............. then mom and Grace decided they wanted to go to the mall so there we went and my back was hurting REALLY REALLY bad but hey i went in anyways cause it was shopping lol............ then at like 6 we started home but first we had to bring mom to hershals home cause she was staying the night there so yea...... then we started home (YAY) and then we ended up stoping and getin a pizza...... then after we got here i got online and talked to Chris for a few mins and he got off line so i was like well bud il just call him so i did and he was telling me he was going out and partying which was fine i reckon...... then Grace left and i was here by myself YAY lol but yea i was pretty bored the whole time i was here tho and i got really REALLY upset at about 1am cause Chris told me something i really didnt like so then i was upset for the rest of the night i talked to him till like 4:30am then i finally went to the coach to sleep lol cause i had alot of stuff on my bed and didnt want to clean it off lol..... i didnt end up going to sleep till like 6 something cause i was thinking about EVERYTHING..... then today i got up at like um....... 2 maybe haha well that was the time i actually got off the coach lol so yea and i have moped (dont know if i spelled wrong or not) around all day feeling sorry for myself cause that is the 2nd guy that i have been talking to and then decided he was gonna go get a girlfriend and not bother to tell me ..... oh well i reckon im not aloud to be happy something bad always happens when i am.......... oh well....... but yea at like 5 mom finally decided to come home then i talked to Grace from like 8 till close to 9 then i watched the rundown (good movie).......... and now here i am talking to Kevin and Shama and Tabi ........... i was talking to Chris but yea i messed things up even worse now ......... Grace told me ealier and she was gonna find me someone at Marshall but yea i told her i didnt want anyone besides Chris and i was gonna wait for him so i reckon im gonna be waiting for a long time welps im gonna get a going and back to talking to all thems lol Much love and GOD BLESS *Kimberly*

OH yea i almost forgot at like 2am there was some man knocking on my front door i was skerd out of my mind cause i mean i was here by myself and yea i didnt know who the man was .... i didnt answer either lol i thought i would share my scariness from last night lol
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