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cait0880 (profile) wrote,
on 1-23-2005 at 10:58am
There is nothing to do with all this god dam show. Yesterday i woke up around 1 30.....which is so weird for me because im one of those people who can't sleep any later then 9. I callled R.J... i had to cancel my lesson :( which was probaly a good thing kinda because i havent really practiced and we dont want to upset Ruven. Then it was a ful day of talking to people who i dont really like online and watching reallly bad T.V, which is also something i never do becauae i hate T.V. Then me and louis talked about how gay NICK is now and how coool it was like how SNICK has become really stupid shows but when we were little it was so great.... ALL THAT.... it was so much better back in the day it really was .... whatever happen to good old fun with mark summers and are you afriad of the dark. Ren and Stimpy, rockos modern life, ahhh real monsters, the keann and kell show, dude ranch, saulte your shorts and clarissa explains it all. What happen to great shows like these... when did nick start to suck?.... maybe im just to old too think its cool or maybe it really isnt

and thats what i thought about on the snow storm day as i was traped in my house
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