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swimchica255 (profile) wrote,
on 1-23-2005 at 12:25am
Current mood: tired
Music: friends theme song...because we watched at least 12 episodes of it yesterday
Subject: chicago and whatnot
sooo this weekend was the northwestern meet. we left for chicago on friday, and the drive there wasn't too bad. we got to stay in a hotel in chicago, which was kind of cool. most of the team went shopping when we got there, but a few didn't want to, including me, since i had no money and no desire to tempt myself with all the stuff i wanted. soooo i went and took a nap, then the team went out to gino's for pizza, and i ate wayyyy too much.

the next morning, we awoke to a white, frozen hell. it snowed about a foot throughout the night. we were going to go in early and do dryland before our meet, but we couldn't get the bus going, so we ended up eating breakfast at the hotel at like 8.30 and heading to NW at like ten. we got there, did dryland right before our warmup, and jumped in. i swam well in my 200, but not well in my 50 or 100. i'm beginning to notice this trend of events, and i hope it doesn't mean that i'll be swimming md next year. suze, caro, and nikki couldn't make it to chicago because of the snow, so we were missing three people and were all exceptionally tired. we lost the meet. i'm not gonna make excuses, because northwestern did swim really well, but once big tens rolls along and we're tapered, we're gonna dominate baby.

so we leave the meet around 3.30 to start driving home. we still hadn't eaten since breakfast, and we didn't end up getting food until like 9.30 at night, so we were starving. justine and i ate an entire large pizza in about five minutes. i guess i should say inhaled. we got home at 11.30 michigan time, which equals out to seven hours of traveling on what should be a four and a half hour trip. fun times. we watched about a hundred episodes of friends on the bus. we also watched napoleon dynamite, which was like the funniest thing of my life. it's seriously one of my new favorite movies.

sooooo we finally get back and we were in a huge hurry to get into the dorms and get ready to go to this 80's party. i think maybe it's the hottest i've ever looked. i wore a cut off gray shirt with a pink tank top underneath, black stretchy pants with a bright pink stretchy skirt over them, gray leg warmers, pink and black tennis shoes, and a huge side ponytail. i think maybe i should start dressing like that more often and see what people think of me. anyways, we basically got completely ready to go out in about five minutes. we pre partied at 213 and took a few pictures of our outfits and literally sprinted to the party because it was so fricking cold. sooo there we were on a saturday night, drawing attention to ourselves not only because of the fact that we were running and screaming about how cold it was, but also due to the fact that we looked ridiculous. it was fun. we get to the party, which was pretty know, 80's music, everyone looking hilarious, dancing, beer pong, etc....but it ended up being wayyyy too crowded, literally to the point of not being able to move, so we hitched a ride to dewey and stayed there for a little bit. we left pretty soon after that and went to brookwood, which was also fun. when other parties fall through, we always seem to end up there. so we stayed there most of the night, lost a game of beer pong, and just hung out or whatever. anyways, i ended up getting home at like 5.30 in the morning and waking up at i'm really tired and i'm going to sleep. just felt like talking about my weekend.
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