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lilkristen (profile) wrote,
on 1-23-2005 at 8:34pm
i really really dont want to get attached, when i really really aint sure if something would ever happen..

its soo complicated.. i hate getting mixed signals.. im not sure whether to commit myself to the feelings or just wait and see.. i really dont want to make a mistake.. but i really feel like if i commit myself, that will be how i get hurt.. so i'll wait.. wait for a signal that isnt crossed.. one thats straight on..

ali was soo shocked when i told her yesterday.. i dont know what the reaction was, really.. disbelief or just pure omg thats hysterical.. i wanted to talk to her about it tonight.. but she had to watch her stupid movie..

i need to change my layout.. the red is UGLYYY lol.. but i dont really feel like doing it now.. since desperate housewives is on in 15 minutes.. this is going to be the longest update you get for awhile.. i have midterms this week.. my brother doesnt have school tomorrow, ndd neither does fontbonne but i do, ndd kearney does.. and it sucks.. cuz i wanna hang out withh kait nd use up my camera so i can get it developed nd hopefully it wont be a defective camera like my SC camera was... i got my SC video!! i was like crackinn up watching it<3 im gunna go.. its really cold back here.. brrr.. i dunno how meghan sleeps in her room.. its gotta be freezing.. ooh well.. later..
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