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r0ckmywurld (profile) wrote,
on 1-24-2005 at 8:29am
Current mood: giddy
Music: NOFX
Subject: giddy has been my mood for a while
I've pretty much got everything that I've wanted for so long. I've found the most perfect guy to ever possibly come into my life. He levels me out. He loves me. I read my old journal entries, one was about how i just wanted a sunflower, to wake up in someone's arms, and waking up to acoustic guitar. I have a sunflower can never die, a giant paper flower. I wake up in his arms every day and we cant deal with sleeping without eachother. He plays me acoustic guitar, and knows that it will make me feel better when im sick. He got me everything I need for a cat, for christmas and got a free one. He is perfect. Im watching my cat play with the bunny while i write this. Its so cute, they want to not have the cage between them. I can cry in front of him, and he wont let me push him away. Because he loves me, and he knows that i love him too much to let him walk out of my life.

Everything has happened soo fast. We started sleeping in the same bed everyday like a week after meeting. And I dont know what i will do if he leaves me. That scared me like crazy, to know that somebody could have such control over my emotions, so quickly. I want him to be happy all the time because just being with him makes me ecstatic. Giddy. In Love. I Love him so much. And i don't care if that sounds redundant because I'll say it as many times as I want, and it still will not be enough times.

~*stagnancy for never*~
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