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Chromegoblin (profile) wrote,
on 1-24-2005 at 11:32am
The day that I was supposedly posting a second time I was taken away by the school social worker/ therapist person during my free periods to disscus things. As for the retarded sentence in parenthesis, that was Yeslenny's doing. You see, on Thrusday 5th period my teacher was absent so we were free to use the computers. Apparently everyone else beat me to one so I was stuck asking Yeslenny to share with me. So when I was typing up the entry she kept on saying," OH! OH! LEMME SAY HI! LEMME SAY HI! I WANNA SAY HI!".... So I let her say hi but I was going to erase what she said when she got up or something but to my immense luck the bell rings and then she says, "Ok you're done and we gotta go!" and she hits the update button. All everyone in the room heard next was a loud, "NOOOOO!" erupting from my throat as I hunched over the keyboard and hit the desk. Yeslenny was quite taken aback by my reaction but whatever.

On Friday my parents picked me up early from school and we headed over to the New York Presbyterian Hospital to see the doctor who performs the type of surgery I need to correct the problem with my sternum. After years and years of bitching the doctor finally sets a surgery date which will be May 16th. He warned me that the pain was going to be excruciating because they will be inserting a metal bar into my chest and then fliping it making the sternum pop out, that's probably not even half of it but I'm not inclined to write anything else in regards to the operation unless I'm personally asked.

This weekend my entire family came down with some strange bronchitis (I don't know if I spelled it it right) but everyone is doing better so they're all either at school or work. I'm however grounded at home because I worsened. Pretty soon (I think) I'm going to have to go to the hospital because it feels like I'm developing yet another pnuemonia.
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