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lifestourniquet (profile) wrote,
on 1-26-2005 at 10:03am
Current mood: grateful
Music: AFI
Subject: *grins*
Well, it...finally...happened. Not that it wasn't worth the wait...The feel of it, the emotion in it for me, I cant speak for Lauren in this instance but...*smiles* Yes...It did however, hurt her to the point of a tear, and she said it kind of burned afterwards. You can be assured that this made me feel like utter shit. I was hoping I had done it slowly and softly enough to cause little pain...I do hope its going to get much better for her, it should anyhow, following human biology it's only natural. She also wrote me the letter, which I would like to type up on here one day when I have the time...

Alas, I am finally going back to school, as of tommorow I am again, a torturous slave to the system. *sighs* This long...long holiday...was so worth it though. The freedom I have been allowed, the independance I have experienced *grins* The wonderful people I have obtained *eyeballs Lauren* Yeah you...Its been wonderful.

I also am to be moving into student accomadation in High Street sometime within the following one to two weeks, unfortunatley I am to have a house mate that I do not even know... It is however fortunatley a female...which hopefully means not trillions of trampy slutty drug addicted girls running through my place....And HOPEFULLY she is shy and hard working so theres not trillions of dickheaded geeky guys running through my place ;-) So wish me luck all.

I also intend to start writing again soon, Ive looked over some of my old stories and poems from past times. Just need to find the inspiration when Loz isn't around. *rolls eyes* Thats almost an impossibility.

Should be going to the movies today with Loz. Blade Trinity *drools* Blade trinity people! Anyhow....Id best be off, my sister is cutting me off. She did however let me go on here....Take care all.
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