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shiznit05 (profile) wrote,
on 1-25-2005 at 10:30pm
Current mood: idk
do you ever wonder why we hold on to certain memories...why they are stuck taking up room in our heads when they really serve zero purpose? for instance...i have this memory from freshman year i believe, i was walking down the hallway...the cafeteria hallway, but i was farther down, like where it intersects with the library hallway...anyway, i stopped to talk to rachel gagnon and she said she liked my zip up hoodie, and i said thanks and that i got it for really cheap at wal-mart, and thats the end of the memory. why do i remember that? it means nothing. another in third grade, in my reading group with sid, we were so far ahead we had our own reading group while others were forced to be with groups of 5 or 6, but i was assigned to read outloud, and i misread a sentence because i completely overlooked some punctuation, so it came out completely wrong, and i got repremanded for it. again, this serves no purpose, and it's a rather demeaning memory, because everytime i remember it i think of how dumb it was of me to have misread it. idk, its realy aggrivating, i mean, i know we all have those memories we wish would just go away, but i can understand those...we keep them with us to help us to prevent those sort of things from happening ever again, we use them as bricks to build up our walls if you will...but these memories that mean absolutely nothing, and prove no worth...its aggrivating, its like i could be using up my memory with other things that are actually worthwhile

i had another idea that ive been contemplating lately, but im too tired right now to share it...perhaps it'll appear in a later entry
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