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superheromindo (profile) wrote,
on 1-25-2005 at 11:11pm
La. Um. Today I had a voice lesson, this one was an hour long since Chase was absent. It was pretty cool. But I opened my mouth and was sort of surprised by my voice. I'm weird, I know, that I would be shocked at all about what I sound like. But singing in choir so long and not having my solo to practice at home, and not having a lesson last week, I kind of forgot what I sound like. I am a nerd.

Dad is playing DDR again, its kind of amusing. I think he's better than me now. I've been feeling really fat recently. I wish I had the will-power to stop eating. Or exercise. Or both. Its not really as if I eat any more or any worse than other people I know, its just that I have craptastic metabolism. But anyway, yeah. I feel gross and stuff. I have this weird thought that people who are thin have a better life than me simply because they are thin. For instance, they dont have to worry about going into a store and not know if they are going to have their size or not. That's why it would be amazing to just go down two sizes, because then I would be able to go into virtually any store and know that they would carry my size. It's good that I've gone down a size, but only just barely gone down, and I feel as if I'm gaining that back. I'm just having self-confidence issues right now. The whole argue with Braeden thing isnt really helping. I dont know why its so hard for us to be nice to eachother. But I'm going to make it a priority to be nicer to him and not as sarcastic. Hopefully he will do the same. Well, time for bed now.

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