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waiting4rain (profile) wrote,
on 1-26-2005 at 12:54am

I had no school today, (woohoo) but yet I still managed to spend more than half of my day there. I dropped my friend off there in the morning ... went back to the school at about 12pm because some cable guy wanted to get me and this other kid on T.V. for a town project that we worked on. Ohh yeeah, it was fun, I'll be on tv...but um, I don't like getting put on the spot like that, heh.

So, we finish our interviews and such... I go to buy my Senior Ball ticket (the ball is this Friday, yay :] ) ... then, I start digging through my purse to look for my car key. Not there. I look in my pockets. It's not there. Wonderful...

I go outside, look in my passenger side window of my car, and yes, there is my key still sitting in the ignition. ~Smack in the head~

I would've been home at 1pm, but had to wait at the school and instead was home at 3pm as a result.

Then, I had to back to the school at 4pm to go get my car with my Dad (someone had driven me home) .. and then back to the school I went for a drama meeting.

Bleh. BUT, i must say, afterwards was quite fun, because Mary and I went shopping and we proceeded to buy a dress for the ball for $7. :]

Ran into Dan and Amber, yay, which also meant Mary finally got to meet them!

And oh, yes, I saw Kelly's brother Kevin also, sitting at a booth in the middle of the mall, though I didn't say hi because he didn't see me, I don't think. Hehe, there was a big sign saying, "Se hable espanol" yep.. he lived in Spain for a while; which I admire him for.

Then Mary and i treated ourselves to ice cream... well okay, Mary treated the both of us to ice cream (I had no cash.. I forged my Mom's name using her credit card.. don't worry, she knew..) But yes, the ice cream was delectable. The company marvelous and fun, as always.

As of now, I have an essay to write again...

Ever notice how, the less you do, the less you want to do? (That's a Biblical proverb, btw)
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