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cowsgomoo!!! (profile) wrote,
on 1-26-2005 at 8:57pm
okay, so i now have crutches........for a little

i sprained or strained a tendon in my knee, so the doctor gave me crutches and prescription MOTRIN and told me to use as needed. my knee is already moving a bit more, almost enough to walk on, but i cant stand the pressure yet. so, i dont think its too bad. at least i hope its not to bad. it still hurts, but even thats gone down. so yeah, it sucks.

so, the music for the musical is really freakin high. not all that hard, but way freakin high. i really dont want to drop it down an octave, but i think im gonna have to. which really pisses me off more than anything else, because if im gonna do something, i want it done right.

but yeah, whatever.

saturday is solo ensemble at mona scared in a way, but not like freaking out scared. i just dont want anyone in the trio to embarrass themselves. i dont mean that to sound really mean, but i know it happens, and i really dont want it to. oh well, shit happens

so other than that, i dont think i have anything else to say.

im gone,
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