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liddlebaby (profile) wrote,
on 1-26-2005 at 9:04pm
Current mood: loved
Subject: ahh my baby is so0 cuteeee!!!
so0o my mom picks me up 2dai..n shes like..o0 derz a surprise for ur ro0m..n im like..surprise? u bought me sumthing..uh is it a new dog or n shes like no.n im like den wha..n shes like u'll see.so0 i get home..i go to my ro0m.n on the dresser was a dozen yellow roses..i was like omg...n i read the lil card that was on it..n it was like... '' just because its wednesday love eric '' i was like.awwwwww !!!!!! =D ( even tho he jacked that idea from juwunna man ) lol it was still so0o cute..n made me so0 babys so0o adorable i love him..n im gettin everything ready for that biggg valentine / half year anni weekend lol..but um 2dai at skoo was go0od..but i dun feel like talkin about eyes hurt i am so0oo0 sore from workin out..ow..but um i think imma bounce..peace cuh x0ox0
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