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lifestourniquet (profile) wrote,
on 1-27-2005 at 11:44pm
Current mood: calm
Music: None
Subject: School-First day
You have no probably do if you know me considering I tend to make friends with depressive institutional hating weird just say that school was unbelievably a whole lot shitter than I had thought it would be. The teacher, took 45 minutes discussing what we MIGHT do in class over the coming weeks. MIGHT do!? Seriousley, has the intelligence of teachers fallen that much that now our school curriculum is a per chance thing rather than a planned schedule? *shakes his head* Also...I know curriculum isnt spelt right, but Im so tired and my brain isnt thinking so at current I dont know how to spell that annoying elusive word, any suggestions would be appreciated *winks*

Anyhow if school continues to be this shitty I believe Im just going to do correspondence...probably end up quite far ahead that way... At least ahead of them anywho....But yes, let us hope that my co-ordinators realise that I will attend school little unless Im in correspondence. Also, habe a meeting about that place on Monday, quite far away :-( Might be going to stay at Loz's on Saturday...I really hope that comes through, its been so wonderful being able to see her this much and then it comes crashing down when school starts, kind of really a downer... But I think Im taking the two singles off tommorow....just too tired to deal with it....that and I really want to call Loz....We might be going to see a movie Sat as well.

Anyhow...Im off to bed....going to dream about Lauren some and then hopefully fall asleep to images of her hmmm? Night all.
Remind me to write some poetry/prose next time.
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