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xxinterrupted (profile) wrote,
on 1-29-2005 at 2:51pm
Current mood: bitchy
Once you enter highschool things change. Your best friend becomes a backstabbing bitch, your boyfriend becomes a prick, homework goes in the trash, cell phones are being used in class, detentions becomes suspention, soda becomes beer, gum becomes weed, bikes becomes cars, lolipops becomes cigarettes, lipgloss becomes makeup, french kissing becomes sex. Yeah highschool does change everybody.

I think it's funny how little 9th graders like to use words like "Muah" and "hun" okay, those aren't cool.. and you're not either. Or how some people get a lotta slack basicly because they're sluts that play sports, or how people think because they "give it out" they can get any guy they want, or think because they have seniors as friends they think they're "safe"? What is "safe"? "Safe" from being beat up? "Safe" from what exactly? I think it's also funny how just because I had a baby that I'm now considered to be a whore; but I've only had sex with one person. Yes I've had sex with Jim probably a lot more than most people would with their boyfriend of 2 years but that's my business.. not everyone elses. It's great how just because you miss school you're considered "skipping" haha, I'm sick you whore. I have a fuckin' doctors excuse. Call me, I barely have a voice.. and when I do get it back; I cough so much that I loose it again. It's rad how when the tables are turned and your boyfriend is caught cheating on you.. kinda sucks huh? It's halarious how everyone thinks one/two months of dating someone is SUCH a longgggggg time. Grow up; try 2 years bitches. It's not as glamorous as it seems. Think you "hate your Mom"? Try thinking what it'd be like without her.. My Mom owns a bar and is never home.. when she is home she's sleeping in her bed and the only time you get to talk to her is for 2 minutes on the phone a day and the only time you get to see her is when she's leaving at 11:00 in the morning. Asshole, appreciate your Mom.. who knows when she'll be gone, and when she is; you'll want her back. Think schools soooo hard? Bitch, try having a baby, doing homework keeping a house in order, 2 little girls from killing each other and keeping yourself sane, fuck off because it can be a lot worse than just having homework.

Stupid little whores think lifes all about sex, drugs, and getting in everyone elses business. Grow up a little.

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