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superheromindo (profile) wrote,
on 1-29-2005 at 9:12pm
Pink= w00t. Thus explains the new color scheme of my Woohu. Yay for that.

I went to visit Mia tonight, which was fun stuff. I mean, only for about 10 minutes, but it was nice all the same. She's sick and under house arrest, so she appreciated me coming to see her.

A.J. hasnt been out of the house to do something besides school/drivers ed in at least two weeks. Its pretty bad. I yelled at Craig earlier to come up with something to do so that AJ will get out of the house but no luck. Still stuck in his room.

Work tomorrow all. day. long. It'll only be 3 hours longer than I worked Friday, but those 3 hours are going to make a big difference I think. I'll be tired and grumpy and depressed about school the next day, including a voice lesson that I'm not prepared for. I need to memorize it big time. I'll work on that in a minute or two. Yep. Ugh I just want to go to work so I can get it over with. The hardest thing about work is getting there. I'm ok once I am there, but not before so. Also, this is my first weekend, and knowing weekends, its when EVERYONE goes grocery shopping, so I'll be busy as crap. Which will hopefully make the time pass faster. That would be amazing. Alright this is enough. I didnt have any emotion-wrenching events happen today, so I dont really have anything to say, I simply wanted to update because I made my journal pink.

One thing I dont understand, though, is how Braeden can make me feel like everything is my fault. Last night, for instance. He made me feel like crap by yelling at me and calling me a hypocrite and liar. And then somehow, it was me who ended up apologizing. He makes me feel so imperfect, and like I'm the one that needs to change. When in fact, when I think about it, he's the one that needs to change. I mean, I love him as he is, but somehow it always ends up being my fault, and something I did. Ugh. And its not. Not this time, anyway.

My computer screen is really dirty. I'm going to clean it now, followed by Preludios practice. Yay. My life is officially boring.

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