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liddlebaby (profile) wrote,
on 1-30-2005 at 1:54pm
Current mood: cold
Music: the darkness - i believe in a thing called love
Subject: wo0o!
cant explain all the feelings that ur makin me hearts in overdrive.n ur behind the steering wheel..touching u...touching meee..touching u..goddd ur touching mee..i believe in a thing called love..just listen to the rhythm of my heart..theres a chance we cud make it now..we'll be rockin till the sun goes down..i believe in a thing called love...i wunna kiss u every minute.every hour..every got me in a spin.but everythin is a.ok

ahh i love that song..newhoooz..this weekend was very eventful..u could say..[ friday ] me n eric drove all around went to jamba juice..o0o0h yeahh..its so0 orgasmic lol..yeah idk..we just drove around lol... [ saturday ] cleaned..made 20 ready n went to that weddin i didnt wuna go to..idk it was fun cuz i saw my lil paige'y ..awww shes so0o cuteeeee..n adam..ah it was worth it..i mean we had fun.i didnt get home till like 1 ..den today [ sunday ] i woke up late...did da laundry.finished my hw..yo my whole family abodanded me..der still not home..oh wellz..i like the peace..but imma go..n do stuff..peaceeeeee out !!!
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