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liddlebaby (profile) wrote,
on 1-31-2005 at 2:00pm
Current mood: pissed off
Subject: i wunnnna cryyyy !!
so0 im in 2nd hr..n yadda yadda..i happen to look at my coach purse..n i see this burn mark on da side of an actual hole..n burnt.n brown..n omg i wanted to cry..i spent alot of money on dat damn fuken purse.n itz ruinnned..n i like spent all of 2nd hr text'n eric..n cryin to him..he made me feel better..but im still so0 madd.. =( sighh..wen eric gets home were guna try to go to coach n have dem fix it or sumthin idk.. =/ but yeah.den i went to art..n i just was gay..mattlin wud not stop fukin hittin me.n i was not in da mo0d.i already have a bruise from i take my pant brush n painted his whole arm..n he tried to rub it on my white pants..ugh.w/e lol den i went to english..n me n yeli just talked..den i went to lunch..n brian started callin me a potsmoker..cuz of my i love timmy hez so0 funny..hez like my bestest frend..i walk outside.n him n matt are just pointin at me.n im like uhhh lol sumthin to say..n tims matt.on a scale from 1 to wud u rate melissa..n im like..o0h god..n der like oh yeah definitly a negative 2..i was like..yeah i kno..n der like no no i mean her body..i was like .ahh stop lol..n der like..i guess a 8.9...i was like wow 8.9 eh..n tims like..well ur like the sweetest person i that automatically gives u a since ur goin out with eric..thats like negative i was like ok..if i wasnt.n hez like if u werent..prolly a 11.6..i was like hmm interesting..n den we were talkin about how we hate da this kid is so0 funny..den i went to math..she changed every1's seat..but i still sit next to yeli !!! no1 can separate jess sits so0 far.n same with my mom came n picked me up..n shes like..o0 while i was waitin der..dustin came up to me.n started to point at me..n my mom was like uhh..n dustins like..i knoooooo u....your melissa's mom..n she started pointin at him.n goes..o0..and ur dustin! lol..oddd..but yeah..sigh im still upset..well imma go ..byeeez
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