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revealedinsilenc3 (profile) wrote,
on 2-1-2005 at 11:28am
Current mood: bored
Music: I'll make love to you .. like you want me to
Subject: ...back
heyyyyy ---- i havent been on in a while to even update.. but leah reminded me todayy about it so i did lol....ummm well lets see.. me n speedy have been good... happy.. giggley... an 2gether for a bit now.. since the 13th... woo! ..he saw my scars which fucken scared the shit out of me. i was so nervous n embarrased :( -- i dint know wut to say so i yanked my arm away an just sed they where old. i had walking namonia for about 2 weeks.. i wanted to f.cken kill myself!!! ... leahs still my sexy b.tch!! woot woot lol love u chica!!cant wait to ... do ... 69!!! mmmmm!! lol ahh u make my day. umm im dying to just drop out of school cuz i fricken hate it more then lifeee!! grr. but yeah i switched my classes so theyre not to bad. but cant wait til da summer. going to florida!!! :) ... leahs gunna come in my suitcase an where guunna get our own hotel room an .. :) -- haha well i g2g now.. got things and PEOPLE 2 do. ;)ha lattterr
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