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lifestourniquet (profile) wrote,
on 2-4-2005 at 11:39pm
Current mood: horny
Music: Radio
Subject: Still not moving
Well...said meeting with Chris did not occur, he seems to be taking his sweet time with that actually. He was meant to call me this Friday/Thursday...well as of current its 12oclock at night on Friday so obviously he has not gotten back to me...I really wish to be out of here so Im hoping he quickly gets his act into gear.

Also distance education/correspondence is going well, Miss West, a coordinator at my school has written the application letter for DECV so hopefully that all goes well. I have to fill out the enrolment and subject selection forms ASAP.

Also should be going down the street/back here to my place/to loz's house tommorow. Not sure which yet...though Im hoping, with what Lauren was hinting at tonight, that its her place...*grins* She's had a few very interesting dreams and daydreams lately...very detailed elaborate ones...And when she stated and told said left me in a very *ahem* mood. God shes so freaking sexy *whines that he cant see her at the moment*

Anyhow...not much time, father is coming to get the computer...Shall write more next time...Promises promises right? Take care all.
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