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revealedinsilenc3 (profile) wrote,
on 2-4-2005 at 9:44am
Current mood: crazy
Music: Sexy Lady
Subject: :)
Heyy... Leah where the hell are you in the morning????? fucken bitch!!! ... kidding ;) - i love you. :):) -- neway So yesterday... Jackie and I got into a fight with Alicia.. of course she had no good come backs.. we where calling her a slut an shit.. so mad people got involved.. but of course.. theyre on my side :) -- er1 loves me muhahah!!! made my day.. then I hung out with speedy....I helped his mommy with gym applics. -- then we just chilled back.. i ate dinner there. hmm then after hours... we hung out with mee young.. her boyfriend n murphy... and smoked.. then went to the pool hall.. pretty ill... i was high as fuck... but was like falling asleep :) .. went back to his hw an my necklace that i forgot.. then he wouldnt let me leave lol.. he was getten all sad... :( -- my hubby!! lol newayy so yeah that was my day :) -- leah i love you u fucking sexy 69ing bitch. --- hit me up. hah. an fucken tell me where u r in the morning!!! laterrr..
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