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lifestourniquet (profile) wrote,
on 2-5-2005 at 10:28pm
Current mood: chipper
Music: Molly Smiles -Uptown girls soundtrack
Subject: Circus-Getting out
You know its strange, once you start to date an out going girl, you yourself seem to go out more. For instance, just an hour ago I returned home from the Circus Royale, where we watched many different acts for two hours, received a free balloon, flashing ring and big box of popcorn because Lauren's friends boyfriends sister (thats a mouthful) works at the circus and is also a performer.

Some of the stunts and tricks were truly amazing...I dont know why but I rather hated the animal part...They just...I dont know, seemed sad, I know that sounds weird but they honestly had this look in their eyes like...I suppose like they were almost crying...But what they got them to do was cool.

I also came home with a keyring insetted with a photo of me, Loz, Nicky and Alex...I didnt look half bad.

Also, on a *growl* note. They got me up. In front of the entire bloody circus with three other guys. We did this stunt where you sit us all on chairs and then make us lean in each others lap then take the chairs away so we are supporting each other. It felt weird, and the guy that was on my kept laughing, it nearly made my knees give way and fuck up the whole stunt...Loz seemed to love that I went up. I despised that freaking clown when he pointed at me. I think I went five different varieties and shades of red...

Also spent the day before the circus with Lauren, we played scrabble and spent time alone in her room. She won scrabble, but hey who wouldnt when they feel like spelling bugger as buger. I'm still doubting if Kiln's is an australian word.

On a whole different note, and yes for the person who left a note last time this does switch content ;-). I love the feel and look of Lauren, I mean obviously if I made love to her I must...but its different. Ive never felt anything like lauren before. And oh my god...lauren in a G string...especially this sexy one she picked up ages ago and has never worn. It fitted to her bottom perfectly, it made everything that should stand out stand out. It seriousley made me want to rip off her clothes and just....*ahem*

*winks* You all sleep sweetly.
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