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blair (profile) wrote,
on 2-5-2005 at 7:41pm
does anyone want a gmail account? I have FIFTY freaking invites. oh yeah.

I went into a hair salon and asked how much they'd charge to cut my hair. My hair is almost 31" long. I just want a few inches cut off, nothing drastic. $20 and the women didn't even speak [edit:spanish]english. I'm used to $7 hair cuts. the mall is like $12 and they'll spend TWO HOURS cutting my hair, while complimenting me and whining the entire time in spanish. but still! It's almost half the price. I guess I have to go there, meh. at least I was happy with the way they cut my hair, as opposed to being unhappy last time I went to aforementioned salon.

Jason and I are through. I know, we were not in a relationship. but we're still through. it saddens me, and I'm the person who ended it. I made myself completely miserable because I was trying to be rational and logical. emotions aren't everything, though. :(

I'm thinking about really just having two dozen guys over the night of my birthday. feed everyone pizza and make them watch girly movies. yeah. [but then I have to deal with two dozen guys trying to hold me or hold my hand or whateverrr and they wouldn't be happy when other men wanted my attention too.] Or I could try to do dinner with friends at the Mariposa. I could go get a tattoo or go "clubbing" too. ha.
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