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Chromegoblin (profile) wrote,
on 2-8-2005 at 9:21pm
Current mood: crappy
I'm sick yet again and I guess it doesn't help that these past days I'm being chased afterschool while being pelted with ice-snow balls.

Saturday was by far the most interesting day out of these past two weeks. I found out from an old pal that my ex best friend goes around telling people I betrayed her, that I'm a whore because I was sexually taken advantage of?, that I'm trying too hard to be just like her, OH - And better yet - That I tried to take her ex boyfriend away from her. I don't know what her issue is but this quarell has been going on for about a year, however it was just now that I found this info out (except for the calling me a whore part... That one I've known).

These past couple of weeks I've had testing in all my subject areas and it was the closing of the second marking period so not only did I have LOTS of cramming to do but alot of work I was too lazy to complete before the closing of the marking period so I had to do it all in a couple of days.

Yesterday and today I had history mid-terms going on and my teacher Mr. Arauz switched our seats around so now I practically sit next to Christopher Rivera and its just more then I can stand.

How dare Nano come up to me and tell me that Christopher has changed, that he's sorry and doesn't know how to tell me?! Why does he want my forgiveness anyway? So I can blindly trust him again just so he can abuse of me like he did before? Fuck no. No way I'm not falling for it. I'd much rather throw myself into a vat of acid then even attempt a conversation with his rapist ass.

Just when things are getting better something always has to happen to ruin everything...
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