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wildthing (profile) wrote,
on 2-10-2005 at 6:15pm
War In Soviet Union
~ Hitler wanted Living Space for Germany.
~He broke his pact with ________ and attacked The Soviet Union.
~In _____ Germany poured across the length of the Soviet boarder from the Baltic Sea to the Black sea.

~Three million _____ ______ soldiers were poorly equipped and not trained well.
~_________ Troops began rounding up large numbers of civilians.
~Soviet adopted a ________ earth policy; destroying everything useful to the enemies they retreated.

~Stalin asked ________ for help through the ______ ______ _______ but congress declined the request.

~American ____ didnít flow through until 1942.
~German armies ________ major cities deep inside the Soviet Union.
~Stalin wanted his _______ to launch attack on Western Europe to take pressure off the Soviet Unions red army by forcing _______ to divide his forces.

~The Red Army decided to make stand at __________ (industrial railroad center).

~In September 1942 the Germans began a campaign of ________ and ________ that lasted more than two months.

~In November Soviet Union took advantage of the harsh Russian weather and surrounded the German Army.
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