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yadiffy04 (profile) wrote,
on 2-12-2005 at 1:05pm
Current mood: loved
Music: Bulavard of Broken Dreams- Green Day
Whoa, its been a long time sence Ive updated. So....Me and Grace are still at it, and I couldnt be any happier with her(Im sorry about your finger, I didnt mean to hurt it..:'( ) so, I just got back from disneyland, and THAT was krazy. Well, Ill start at the beginning. In the morning, Mrs Bacon was being a bitch, and took away our cd player, and speakers, so we couldnt have music, but Raul jacked them from her so she got even more pissed. Then we got to go backstage of Disneyland, andgot changed, got our picture taken, and got in formation. Then we played follow the leader for a mile to get to the park door. We marched down through Fantisy land, down Main street, and around the corner, out of the park, so that was fun, Mr Silva said the ban was the best hes seen in 5 years, but the colorgaurd was the worst hes EVER seen in any school. But thats ok, cause there all a bunch of drama bitches. So, then we were at disneyland, and it was ok, I mean, I was a good place for me and grace to hang out. We saw my mom right after Pirates of the Carribean, and said hi and bye, so then she went home. Then as we were on our way to the Haunted Mansion, Graces parents saw me with her, and yelled at her, yet they dont know were going out. hahahaha. So then we went on the haunted mansion like 4 times that day. and Brenna said she liked Morgan, and we all knew that Morgan still liked her, so we were asking him questions about her. Then we went to the hotel, and RC asked out Brenna for Morgan, and she said yes, so there a new couple in our band, and thats good. So then we watched the Led Zeppelin concert on my PS2, and stayed up till like 1:30. Raul was way too effing horney, he was jacking off in the bathroom, and were all just like, OK, I want to leave, but we couldnt because the door was already taped. Then he came out of the bathroom with a frikin cup full of you know what, it was nasty as HELL!!!! So we told him to get rid of it, and he puts it in the cupboard! can you say RETARD! So then we just hung out, and raul was being raul. So we finally got to sleep at 3, and woke up at 6. Then waited aroud for a while. Then it started pouring, and so we had to do to Disneyland AGAIN, not California Adv. because Disneyland is mostly inside, so my group got absoultly soaked, and spent 4 hours inside the locker room, and we had more fun than if we were outside. and It was cool because we got to talk to Mr Boyer for like2 hours straight, and yah, it was cool. So, thats my weekend so far. Ill ttyl. l8



" Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

P.S. Its gonna be 2 months for me and Grace on valentines day!!
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