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Chromegoblin (profile) wrote,
on 2-13-2005 at 8:03pm
Went to the Pizza Hut by Cliffton, NJ today... Ate alot and got hit on by the waiter boy there. It wasn't so bad since I got bread sticks, a salad, and a pizza with everything on it for free. Yup. Free.

Rilly (the waiter who's name and number I found out from a piece of paper he slipped me while I was coming out of the restroom) asked my dad if he would let me go out with him. It was excellent that my dad said something akin to no because that meant I didn't have to. It was the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me and because of that I guess I will give him a call not that I'm at all interested but he was the only guy who's ever been that straight forward to my dad and for that alone he deserves props but I'd never go on a date with him or anyone else 'cept Sye (I love you Sye *hugs*).

Winter break started on Friday but I still had to go to school yesterday from 9 til 12 pm for H.S.P.A. math review. The H.S.P.A. is New Jersey's high school profficiency assesment that basically tests to see if we actually know anything and are ready for college and from what I hear its going to be cake. What sucks though is that I have to go to school from Tuesday to Thrusday from 9 to noon to review what may be on the stupid math portion and if I don't go I may face automatic suspension (Not to mention they're starting operation 'clean sweep' whatever the fuck that may be but from the sounds of it it won't be pretty).

Blah. Oh well I guess I can take that oppurtuity to stop by the Argentinian bakery and ask Stefan (my friend who's mom owns the place) for free pasteries. mmmmmm pasteries! ^__^

I got to hang out with my baby cousin Loren today which was awesome because I love kids (all except my little cousin Nicole >=0!) so I was just there running around and parading her all over the place and taking pictures of her. Oh yeah! I recently bought a digital camera so now I have pictures! Yay! Now the only problem which isn't much of a problem at all is getting them in the computer which may I add has been threatening to crash on me for the past week. Grrr!

Since of a couple of days ago I'll be able to sign on a bit more frequently 'cause I'm a good girl. You do realize this means I have to go to church and do all these other icky things but its well worth it.
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