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BrownIedMissJ (profile) wrote,
on 2-14-2005 at 10:30am
Current mood: Lovely
Music: computer class....
Subject: V-Day
Hey everyone. Happy Valentines day and Happpy Birthday to Stephanie! Well this day is starting fine and I decided to write in here since my computer doesn't work at home and that means no myspace journal. This is my only choice. But yeah i can in with my new "haircut" everyone likes it some know the truth, others don'
;-). Tonight me and dan are goin to Jillians, it should be fun or i hope it is. I'm hungry and I want chocolate. Holidays are like the only times for candy. Today is one, so therefore I want some. And last night i did have dinner but no breakfast this morning usually i get a drink but not today. My troat is all dry and stuff. But neway This week is the Black History Month celebration thing. I need to practice and figure out what song my group is singing. And u see how i said need. We did good at our performance but we're prolly a lil rusty. I would feel better if we got together once. We have practice with everyone else tomorrow and wednesday. But if we just wing it, it might not be so good. W/e hope u guys have a good kissy, huggy day. Talk l8ter

Much Love
Many Kisses
With sweet valentine wishes
XoXo MissJ XoXo
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