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KryieKougar (profile) wrote,
on 2-15-2005 at 11:47am
Subject: my screenplay


Paul- Demetirs friend falls for Roxie, during the day loving, when the sun goes down abusive

Demetri- Paul’s friend. Like Roxie’s but doesn’t tell/ tries to protect her, never knew about Paul’s abusive side

Roxie- falls for Paul. Writes in her diary a lot. Becomes friends with Demetri

Scene I - (Roxie in her room at home, writing in her diary)

Roxie- “Dear Diary, it’s me again. The other day I met this cute guy named Paul (describes actor playing Paul), he has a friend named Demetri (describe actor playing Demetri). I met them at a coffee shop around lunch time. I was by myself reading and having my favorite cup of my fav. drink, when one of them accidentally bumped into my table and spilled my coffee. They felt so bad that they bought me another cup and sat and talked with me for a while. They are sophomores at a near by college. I am only a senior in High School. I felt immediately attracted to Paul. And I think he might have felt the same way about me.(doorbell) well the doorbell just rang, it must be Paul he is taking me to school. I’ll write the details later. Love Roxie”

Paul – hey you ready to go

Roxie – yeah

Paul- do you want to do something Saturday around lunch time, maybe a picnic?

Roxie - I would love to

Scene II (at the park)

(Just talking having fun, eating, music in the background, offers her desert that asks her to be his girlfriend she accepts they embrace)

Scene I (Roxie in her room writing in her diary)

Roxie- “Dear Diary, Paul and I have been together for 2 months and I have still never seen him past dark. Since tonight is our two month anniversary I have the greatest date planed. We will have a romantic candle lit dinner, followed by his favorite movie. I can’t wait. I found out his favorite movie from Demetri. We are becoming really good friends; he doesn’t have a girlfriend, which is crazy because he is such a great guy. Anyway I have to go get ready. Love Roxie”
(shows Roxie doing her hair/cooking)

Scene II (Paul arrives before sunset, the meal goes fine, just as they sit down to watch the movie the sunsets, Paul flips out *fight scene)

Scene III (in between Paul’s house/ Roxie’s house)

(Paul calls Roxie’s, shows Roxie bruised and terrified of answering the phone, just lets it ring)

(Paul calls Demetri and asks him to check on Roxie because he thinks something is wrong)

Scene IV
(Demetri goes to Roxie’s house, Roxie answers the door and pretty much collapses in Demetri arms, tells him what happen, they think that it might have been an allergic reaction in the food blah blah blah)


Scene I (its their 3 month anniversary and Paul has planned a romantic picnic * shows Paul setting it up)

(on phone between Roxie/Demetri)

Roxie – “I feel weird asking this, but do you think that maybe tonight you could spy on us just to be sure there isn’t a repeat of what happened?”

Demetri – “to tell you the truth that’s what I was planning to do anyway”

Roxie – “you sneaky little devil you”

Demetri – “what can I say?”

Roxie – “you can say you’ll see you at 7, but I won’t see you”

Demetri – “you got it”

Scene II
(at the picnic sight Demetri hiding in background, shows Roxie and Paul set everything up they eat *film it play it faster*)

(they get done eating, Demetri is almost falling asleep, shows the sunset, Paul goes off)

*Paul starts beating on Roxie (screaming in terror)
*Demetri leaps out of his hiding place, pulls Paul off Roxie
*Roxie’s calls the cops
*Paul shoves Demetri (Demetri gets knocked out)
*Paul goes after Roxie
*Roxie slips almost falling off the edge
*Paul tries to make her fall
*Demetri attacks Paul
*Roxie hears them fighting *don’t show that part of fight*
*Someone grabs Roxie’s hand, she screams
*its Demetri pulling her back to safety

(they hear sirens in the background)

Roxie – “that will be the cops”

Demetri – “yup”

Roxie – “I could sure use a cup of coffee”

Demetri – “I guess I’ll head home”

Roxie – “I could also use some company”

Demetri – “I’d planned on that anyway”

(they laugh, camera shows them walking off, fades out, fades in on them in coffee shop)

Voice over – “it was later found out that Paul had which caused him to be the way he was, when it was explained what happened, Paul seeked help. As for Roxie and Demetri, well they are still together, even after dark”
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