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amazighstarrynights (profile) wrote,
on 2-15-2005 at 9:30pm
Subject: Some more quotes
These are for you Danielle - some quotes from the British International Conflict prof. Dr. Stephen Hill

He opened up his PowerPoint for the lecture when someone pointed out that he used a different template;

"I try to mix around the slide colors, sometimes I get flamboyant and throw a green one in."

We were discussing trade relationships and he was talking about Great Britains car industry and how BMW has taken over many of the factories that became private after the Thatcher era. He pointed out that even though Great Britain had fought two wars in 90 years against the Germans, the use of organizations lowers the threat;

"You introduce the WTO and EU and well we don't care about the Germans anymore."

Perhaps you know of Klemens von Metternick the Austro-Hungarian foreign minister in 1815, well this is what Dr.Hill says of his photo:
"Metternick -- looks a bit like a "fancy" boy doesn't he?"

In reference to the French revolution and it's deposing of Europe's monarchs;
"Here's Napoleonic France, chopping the heads off the monarchy."

His question was, "What do we do before the mid 19th century when a country is conquered?" His answer, " We cut up the countries like cheeses." Yes he said cheeses.

We were talking about the end of the 7 week war, when Prussia humiliated Austria-Hungary and it was time to divide up the country.
"Once von Bismark won the Seven Weeks War did he, go all the way to Vienna, say its part of Prussia now, thank you very much? No, like a good classical realist, he did not."

Hope you enjoy - more later
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