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swimchica255 (profile) wrote,
on 2-15-2005 at 11:04pm
Current mood: hairless...hehehe
Music: eve and gwen stefani- who's that girl?
Subject: day one, summarized
today was the first day of big tens. just relays tonight, which were soooo exciting. our 2med relay did awesome and got second, and our 8fr relay won by like 2.5 seconds, which was amazing. i'm so proud of my team. i'm soooo excited to swim tomorrow and to watch everyone else swim too. the meet atmosphere is amazing, the food is awesome, and my team is the best. i hope we win.

i just got done shaving down. arms, legs, back, and everything in between....if it's visible, it's hairless (w the exception of my eyebrows and head) i love the feeling of tapering and shaving down before a big meet and then getting in between the sheets and feeling sooooo silky smooth. lol if you are not a swimmer, you have not experienced this feeling. anyways, today was really fun. mos def more to come.

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