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blair (profile) wrote,
on 2-17-2005 at 6:44pm

originally, I left comments open to ALL 'cause that way people could comment on the journal even if they weren't woohu users. but I left it that way with the intention that they would all be respectful enough to leave their NAME.

so - the michigan comcast user who decided to say I am "ugly". do you really think your insult hurts me? did I ever post this pictures going "look at me, I'm hot"? No. So get over yourself and get some balls. leave your name in the future.

I am going out to CK Cafe tonight, with the wonderful Amy. I am going to find myself a hott boy. <3 kidding. A friend has decided we're going out tomorrow night, and I might hang out with Amy again on Saturday. We'll go out to see her friend's band play. :)

I really enjoy going to shows. That's what I've realized lately. I've never been to something really big, though. I need to buy tickets to the ONE TREE HILL TOUR for March 9th. I am going to go. But I need someone to go with me, someone who will hopefully drive. 'cause I don't want to drive to that part of LA, even if it is a Wednesday night. I know there's a dozen boys who'll go with me, but I want someone who can really appreciate The Wreckers, GAVIN DEGRAW, Tyler Hilton, & Bethany Joy Lenz, plus all the goodness that is One Tree Hill.

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