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ddeastroyer (profile) wrote,
on 2-19-2005 at 11:05am
Current mood: good
Music: Venus -- Gustav Holst
Subject: Lets see, Lets see...
Well lets see what has been going on latley... So I went to the doctor's on Valentine's Day and he said this rash on my legs was actually second to my strepth throat... So anyways... He gave me some antibiotics and the strepth and the rash are going away so thats all good...

I was really pissed off though because he said dont run till Friday and let the antibiotics settle in... So I wasnt able to run until just yesterday... And oh man... It felt really really good...

So yesterday when I went back we just did a nice easy long run which was fun... And then later than night we had "team night" for the distance team and Coach G's house and it was hecka funny... Because he typed up directions to get house... And he sent us on a wrong turn to his house... So everybody got lost... But Kevin was givin me a ride and we figured it out and we were like the first people there... So we were standing out at the stop sign and telling people to turn the other way... It was actually pretty funny...

So we went in and ate at his house and whatched this movie about Steve Prefontein(sp?) which was hella inspiring because he was like super fast and he was only 19 or something but then he got in a car accident and died... So that sucked... Because if he stayed alive... He would have been the best ever... He ran 3 miles in under 13 minutes... That is really freaking fast... REALLY FREAKING FAST!

So after we finished watching that it was like 10 but nobody really wanted to go home yet so everyone decided they wanted to watch another movie... First me and Coach went to go get Saw but Blockbuster was all out of it so we went back to his house and then they all went out again and got The Forgotten which was a freaky and kinda wierd movie... What the hell do I know though?... We didnt get home till about one o-clock!... It was well worth it...

It was awesome though because Kevin and I were wrestling and he was on top of me so i just kept kicking him in his back or his ass... I didnt know at the time... So then this morning when we were running he was like... "Dude you gave me a bruise on my ass from kicking me so many times!" which was hecka funny because he as hurting the whole time... Well... That and because he never went to sleep when he got home... He just stayed up till 8AM practice... Hella dumb...

Its Saturday at like 11 and I wanna do something this weekend with friends... If your up to something this weekend and you read this tell me and we'll see if we can get something worked out...
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