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lifestourniquet (profile) wrote,
on 2-21-2005 at 10:22pm
Current mood: determined
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Subject: Finishing
I dont know whether or not anyone whom reads this journal actually writes, but should you write, let me ask this; Do you ever have this conundrum where you start a story, you think its a great idea, but then a better idea comes to mind, so you start that...and then another...and another...and another...You just keep starting till you have about 15 story ideas and starts of stories...and no will to finish them because everytime you begin start again?
*growls in frustration* Im so god forsaken determined to actually finish a story this year.
I also had an idea, if I could get in contact with a comic company, and contact one of their artists, and let them know that I had so many ideas that just didnt seem to stop..maybe, just maybe I could get my foot in the door and begin as a writer and designer of comics? And then, in all hope and glory rise up to become a director of SciFi and Fantasy movies?
Hmmm anyhow...this is the start of one of my stories, all opinions welcomed and criticism would be more than appreciated.
Ah also, shortly, three months this coming Thursday for me and Lauren.

This is a lot people...get ready lol.

Blade Lancer
Book One of the “” trilogy

‘That was the last; none of these houses hold the child’
A man in a dark black cloak sighed.
‘We have been searching for nigh on seven years now; still he evades our grasp and how? He is but a child.’
‘I know sir, we will find him, worry not’
‘For your sake and mine…no, for our lives, I surely hope so’
The man wrapped his cloak tighter about him, concealing his face from the harsh winter wind as he turned to his companion.
‘Let us rest for now friend, my feet tire from our journey and I am in need of a warm fire to lie by’
‘Kaon be damned if that isn’t the truth’
Both men laughed and set away from the farm house at a brisk pace, hoping to reach the closest tavern before the distant storm they had both seen hit. Another face, however this one hidden in the shrubbery, watched the two men set off. As their backs faded from view in the street this face took a breath and put it’s back to the tree, its eyes glowing a faint golden light.
‘It was not him’ it spoke softly, to apparently no one in particular. A short time passed before it moved again ‘Yes master’ it spoke, as it turned and headed further into the forest to its side. This face let its cloak billow free, enjoying the feel of the frigid wind against its skin. It was not often it felt and so when it did it relished the experience, as he moved deeper between the trees however the breeze died. It sighed with the loss and continued its walk, its eyes needing little light to find its way. Only fifty paces took the creature along the edge of the forest to where the men were. It slowly slid itself between the branches so as not to make a sound, its feet barely audible as it moved over the snow encrusted ground. The face drew two swords, hissing slightly as they slid free of their scabbards, they glowed golden, slightly less than the face’s eyes. Within seconds they were stained red and two bodies rested on the ground, shocked expressions evident across their face at their abrupt end. The face smiled, and then frowned.
‘Sorry master’
The face lifted the two bodies and carelessly draped them over its shoulders, it waved a hand over the snow and the stain on the ground faded from sight. The face took the two bodies deep into the forest and laid them to rest in a small cave.
‘Thankyou master’
The face melded into the forest again at the sound of a passing creature, the giant bear walked within two paces of the face and never knew. The giant bear fed, the face disappeared.

Five men sat around a table, a giant circular map in the centre, many small dots covered the map. One of the men reached and removed a spot from the centre of the map.
‘One less…’ said one man.
‘True, but millions more…’ said another.
‘Few special…’
‘But hidden…perhaps…?’
‘Perhaps, but whom…?’
‘Always whom…’
‘We shall find…’
‘We need to find…’
‘And we shall…worry not brother’
‘We shall see…’
The five men sat silently then and continued looking at the map.
‘Our hunter’s have ceased…’
‘To rest..?’
‘To exist…’
‘We shall find other’s…’
‘Yes we shall…’
‘We wait…’
‘We watch…’
The five men continued looking at the map, more dots slowly appearing and disappearing. Each sat in silent contemplation; every now and then one would reach and add or remove a dot.

Elsewhere, in a giant chamber decorated in silver with carvings and designs of swords and blades, two slender, muscular women kneeled before an altar, their hands crossed in front of their chests, fists clenched.
‘Kahlinn be praised’ they both murmured in unity, the altar glowing slightly orange at their presence.
‘The babe refuses to be found sire, he is proving to be more difficult than we had imagined. Seven year’s leaves us still almost at the beginning of our search, with barely a trail to follow.’
The statue flared a fierce red and each of the women faltered gently, rocking back a little and feeling the anger.
‘We know sire, but there is little we can do, someone hides him from us, from anyone, we do not even know if the child still lives.’
The statue maintained its colour.
‘Forgive us sire, we are insolent.’
The stature calmed, glowing orange again.
‘Yes sire, we shall continue, hunt well’.
The two women stood and walked out of the chamber, closing the gigantic sized doors behind them and bowing once more in the direction of the altar.
‘What were you thinking?’ questioned one of the women angrily ‘Of course the child still lives you imbecile.’
The second woman hung her head in shame; she would later punish herself for her stupidity to regain honour in the eyes of her companion and god.

Chapter 1
His instructor laughed, the sound echoed across the almost empty training grounds.
‘I believe that’s the fifth time your bottom has come acquainted with the ground is it not Tyreal?’
Tyreal stood and grumbled. ‘It is, Reace, it is, but it shall be the last until the morrow my friend, you however…’ he let the sentence drift, smiling.
‘Empty threats boy, empty threats’ laughed Reace as he jumped away lightly from the swing of Tyreal’s staff, aimed at his ankles. ‘And tell me, how do you intend on besting Dragon kind with the Lancer’s if you cannot defeat an aging swordsman eh?’ Reace intercepted a blow aimed at his head and flung the butt of his staff out and to Tyreal’s stomach. Tyreal rolled with the blow and grabbed the staff, throwing his instructor over his head, leaving him lying on the grass winded. It had been the first time in two week’s that he had bested him.
‘You learn slow boy, but Ill give you this, when you learn, you learn well’ Reace stated as he tried to let a laugh escape his badly bruised body.

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