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squishylover (profile) wrote,
on 2-23-2005 at 7:27pm
Current mood: awake
Music: Manamana doo doo doo doo doo mananamana doo doo doo doo!
Subject: Now, after I run over yo babies!
Well, it has been a long time since I've updated this thing. Don't really know why. I did notice a spelling error in the last entry I posted, which is quite annoying. I like the movie Kill Bill Vol. II. Lets see what can I talk about in here. I have my liscence, I enjoy driving around. Sometimes thats just a stress reliever right there. I went to solo & ensemble again, got a superior. Working some extra days so I can get a new outfit at renn fest. Cesar I believe was still trying to get with me, but I just can't see myself dating him. Plus right about now, the only way someone can get my attention is if they are special or something. I've been basically focused on my schoolwork and everything I need to get into college and for my future. This summer I'm going to University of the Arts for their musical theater summer program. That should be fun, I'll be there for all of July and a few days in August. I chose my schedual for next year. I shall be taking..
AP Lit
Marine Bio II HON
Drama IV
Dual Enrollment
Dual Enrollment
No class
Economics/Government HON

For once in my life, I won't be taking chorus. I think the Dual Enrollment shall be fun. I wonder what classes I will choose to take, and at what school. I hope FAU. Heh my mom just told me that while I'm in Philly this summer for the camp thing, there are a bunch of people who would rescue me that we know up there. No matter where I go, I know someone. I can't ever get away with anything! I have a World Lit paper due tomorrow that I need to fix up. Meh, and I'm tired. I think I want some tea, aya! I do. Life I suppose you can say, has just been going. I'm quite content with it, can't say I'm ecstatic, but I'm content. Saturday hopefully I'm going to go see Ambivalence at Ovation. (thats my friends band) I'm not big on concerts but they've gotten a shit load better, and I wanna hear this new singer of theirs. Well. I better be off, maybe I will start updating this thing more often now.

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