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waiting4rain (profile) wrote,
on 2-24-2005 at 11:44am
Subject: I live for this
The girls at my lunch table and I just had a deep
philosophical/theological discussion...
We love talking about this stuff...
It began:

"How can something mean so much to some people, and mean absolutely nothing at all to others?

- It's interesting how faith in God can be a whole entire lifestyle for one person - while another will not even stop to think about God..."
"When people go to heaven, I wonder what they look like. - Do they look as they did as an adolescent? As a child? Or the age that they died at?"

"Some people believe that those who are religious believe what they do simply because they are afraid of death."
"That may be true for some people...but it's not the reason of faith for all. Yes, it's true, that I have the confidence of knowing where I am going when I die, but having that confidence is not a result of being afraid of where I would otherwise go."

"I believe in God...but I don't believe that He created the Earth..."
"But there has to be a beginning or origin at some point. Even Plato/Aristotle proved such a law - something can't origin from nothing."
"But then where does God Himself come from?"
"....He is the origin. That is why He is called the beginning and the end; the Alpha and the Omega..."

"Like in the movie A Walk to Remember, I love the quote that says, 'without suffering, there would be no compassion.'...
Although...must there be suffering in order to have compassion? I could still love on someone even if they were not suffering..."

As Rita said the other day - our human perception is so small...we can comprehend so little -
how big is our brain? 5 inches? and geniouses use HALF an inch of brain capacity? How can we possibly comprehend?

Astronomy class - there are 100,000, stars in our one galaxy - and we orbit around one of them. It takes 20 something light years to get to the next closest star (in between each is all just EMPTY space) - and we can't even travel 1 light year away from us -
there are 200,000 galaxies, each with 100,000 stars, that we only KNOW of....

and what is the point of our being?

I feel filthy,
my soul in a daze,
We're talking 'bout God
and oh I'm amazed
and I know, I live for this.
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