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-nightsloth- (profile) wrote,
on 2-24-2005 at 7:56pm
well. . . uhh
i started drawing in my sketchbook again. . . mmmm manga.

I'm so-so iffy ok at it. But Karen-sempai says im pretty good, and i guess that would be a better opinion than from myself. I'm going to change the ending of a book for a book report. Apparently im a good writer. . .

I wrote a strory for a socilal studies project, people said it was really good. Like, novel good. I should be a manga artist and make manga books!

That'd be a cool profession. Yeah and I'd be even better than Yu Watse! ok maybe not.

lol i had a buncth of old yu-gi-oh cards. . . lol hey man don't be prejudice its actually a pretty fun card game. Anyway, i looked through them and found like 14 of them that were 1st edition. So im going to auction them off for 10-20 bucks each ion ebay, and use the money to buy a broadband adapter for phantasy star online. I had one before, but it got jacked while i was at my cousins house.
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