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amazighstarrynights (profile) wrote,
on 2-25-2005 at 1:32pm
Subject: Our Rant
Laurence: sometimes i'm scared that the government is tracking me because i'm calling the middle east
Laurence: like they think i'm in cahoots with terrorists or something
Laurence: especially with the patriot act and everything
Laurence: grrr
ME: yea exactly - isn't that horrible
Me: and today i bought some books about islam and a quran - because i told youssef i wanted to learn more
Me: and i was thinking, wow i wonder if they track this shit?
Laurence: they do!
Laurence: well, they do at libraries for sure
Me: so fucking stupid
Laurence: no kidding
Laurence: i'll have to keep my convos PG on the phone
Me: lol do you wonder if they can get your messages online too? i always wondered that
Me: i know when you go overseras they scan in your passport and have been told they have like GPS (i know they have GPS obviously) but can track wherever your passport goes
Laurence: yipes
Laurence: i know they can get emails
Laurence: and they track bank transactions
Laurence: not sure about IMs though
Me: that is so wrong
Laurence: i know
Laurence: it's scary as hell

A lovely Friday afternoon Convo.....
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