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wildthing (profile) wrote,
on 2-26-2005 at 9:55am
Well Havent been able to get on here long enough to say anything so here is my chance, TODAY IS MY FUCKIN PARTY AND ITS GONNA ROCK YOUR DAMNED SOCKS RIGHT OFF YOUR DAMNED FEET!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! haha not really but it will still rock cuz i'm hott and i'm gonna be there and you all love me cuz i'm awesome like that, :D!

anyways been babysittin every flippen day of this weekend and i had to stay the night there on thursday night that sucked cuz desere was being a lil brat so i had her up in a room like all night, but its ok cuz i'm mean like that to her and she deserved it! Yeah you dont want me as your babysitter *sly grin on face* hahah jk im only mean when the kid disrespects me so yeah, anywho uhhhhh I've pretty much given up on guys i'm just gonna wait and go to Tennessee and see what i can catch on the hook down there :D I'm so nice, but yeah so i guess that is all i have for now....OH WAIT there is this, I fuckin hate jack with a passion he didnt let us see jordyn cuz *he wanted to take her to a movie* you know what jack Fuck u and go suck a dick she coulda seen a movie anyother day but it had to be our day...grr to you.
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