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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 2-27-2005 at 2:03am
Current mood: tired
Music: usher- caught up
Subject: this month almost lol.. sorry i never update :(

welps i know ya'll have been waiting for this and yeah let me tell ya its gonna be the longest update you will ever see from me haha so lets see where to start........ welps lets see.. on the 8th Shaina had her baby pigs..... she is my pig from last years fair lol.... she had 12 was soo small it was VERY sad ............. on the 10th i went to the movies to see Constantine (dont know if i spelled right) cause yea well Marshall got to see it first cause W.B was showing a early viewing of it to them for some reason lol i dont know why tho...... but anyhoo... i met some people when i went to the movies that day..... one was Alan (real cute) he was over in Irag for a year.. i told him i didnt know how he could do it and he was like well if i had to do it all over again i would...... one brave person there but yeah they made him sit by me at the movies lol but yea and we waited for that movie for like EVER! then like 30 mins after it was suppost to start they told us that W.B couldnt find the Keith Albe (spelled wrong) so the movie wouldnt be showing that night.... made everyone mad this one guy even thru pop corn at the man that told us lol....while we was waiting Alan and Drummer James kept on making fun of me lol but it was ok cause yeah they told me they was just joking and if they didnt pick on me i would know they didnt like me lol......... but anyways.........they ended up leting us watch Hide and Seek instead from were we waited SOO long... but yeah Alan left cause he dont like Scary movies lol (wimp) lol but yea Hide and Seek is a GREAT movie i think everyone should go see it..... welps then Friday there was school (Blah) and then basketball games at Wahama and yeah well i was talking to Mr. Taylor and there was some guy (not pretty) siting with Keith (Mr Taylor) and well pretty much after i went back over with tabi to take states welps at half time of the boys game i went back over there to talk to Tammy cause shes always fun to talk to and well pretty much she was sitin by Keith (could be cause its her husband haha) but yeah and well that guy was still sitin there and she was like "Kim do you have to go to the restroom?" i was confused but i didnt have to go so i told her "no" lol and i was wondering why she would have asked me that and so well i turned back around and asked her and she was like you know that guy sitin with Keith well when you walked away from up here a little while ago he was like "she is HOT".... my face got blood red from being soo embarrassed i mean if he was hot then sure but he wasnt lol.......... she has been pickin on me about him ever since it happend mean ol' tammy haha gots to love her tho she helps me Chant cause no one else will start any at the games lol. ....... then saturday went and seen the baby pigs... they are sooooo cute .............then sunday me and Grace went with APO to the VA hospital to pass out V-day cards and such... there was some guy that road with us named Phil (cutie) and well he was gonna let me drive seeing since the person riding with me has to be 21 and hes 22 lol I flirted some but later realized i was flirting and felt bad cause i thought about Chris... i did the same thing at the movies when i was talking to Alan i know i shouldnt really care about flirting i mean Chris is dating someone else but i just feel bad about it.... welps then there was V-day and i was here by myself oh well.......Monday i also went up to Mom and Dads to look at the pigs with Keshia i think lol............. i dont really remember anything happening on tuesday lol then on Wednesday (i think)i went to the movies again to see Constantine again lol and this time.... we actually got to see it lol ..... thurday went to basketball games it was the last boys jr high game no more stats. they had like a parents night thing and me and tabi got to walk bub it was fun.....there was alsoo a girls jr high game.... then friday there was a girls jr high game.. their last one ......... welps then i came home and did nothing lol...... That sunday went to Tabis and stayed the night and watched the Notebook. it wasnt as sad as everyone said it was..... i didnt cry at all........Sunday was also Melvins Birthday........ then monday came home cleaned some kitchen and the living room some..... talked to Chris.... he told me i had a cold heart cause i didnt cry at the Notebook...oh well...... but yea we only got to talk for like umm. 5 mins cause he had to go play basketball.... oh well reckon he didnt really want to talks to me ....... oh yeah we didnt have school monday...... but i went tuesday......then wensday and thursday i missed cause i didnt have a voice.... well i did but not a good one...... welps on Wensday i think it was i talked to Chris for a long time and learned the reason hes dating Rachel is all my fault.... so basically its my fault that my life sucks right now Micheal helped me out alot about it tho cause i was crying and all upset..... being the emotional kim that i am............... OH YEAH ON THURSDAY WAS DEIDERIKS BIRTHDAY GOOD OL' 18 NOW ....(D. you better like your card or you see what you get next year....Nothing haha) ok anyways. but yeah then friday i actually went to school lol YAY be proud the only reason i went tho was to go home with Keshia lol...... so yeah i went home with her and ate pizza then went out to the games... Jv lost and Varsity won by one point lol.........the Varsity game was REALLY good....... we tryed doing the wave.... but no one would do it with me wel i mean there was some but not many that did it lol.... welps then we went back to Keshia's after the games then i had to get up at like 9:30 this moring cause mom called and said Grace was coming to get me at like umm..... 10 or 10:30 AM!..... way to earlier to be leaving Keshia's home lol usually we dont get up till like noon lol but seeing since it was Grace's birthday and all i came home ... so yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!!! ok i think that is everything i needed to tell..... if i remember anything else ill update and tells you that too lol......... welps Much Love and like always God Bless *Kimberly Dawn*
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