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lovesolost511 (profile) wrote,
on 2-27-2005 at 7:28am
Music: Sensitive Subject Matter-Bonnie McKee
Anyways, to reflect(sort of) on my weekend so far, here goes:

Friday was for losers, the group leaders didn't do anything to mix up the guys/girls. corinna and I disected this further and came to the conclusion that we are a very divided group right now. First, we separate into guys/girls. then, (for the girls) we separate into myself/corinna/julia/jenae and taylor/hannah/karina (usually). for the guys, its blake/barclay, jon/steven, bryan/garret/barrett. And then we all just mix and match. How are we ever going to get anything meaningful accomplished in LA when we are so divided inton our groups? I'll tell you: nothing. so later on, the group leaders/parents took us downtown to Rock Coffee to watch Luke and Nick their band. I spot sophia, nora, katie and mandy sitting on a lovely leather(or was it pleather?) couch, and advance towards them. They seemed really uncomfortable that we were all there, which they were. I can understand that its annoying to have people you don't like taking over your "thing" and people who only talk to you in class take it over too. I just hope they understand that the entire youth group isn't bad, because it would be really riduculous of them to assume that. So they left halfway through, and blah blah. Afterwords, Corinna, Micah and I walked down to Nordstroms and Corinna got her makeup done by the Chanel lady(who kept commenting on her eyelashes "look at those eyelashes! you could sweep the floor with them!") and we both tried on the highest heels/ugliest shoes we could find. I also put my pink moccasins on hold, even though i never got a chance to go back and get them yesterday (i hope they still have them today!)

Saterday: Saterday by far was the best Prep Meeting. We split into three groups
Group 1-
Julia, Garett, Barrett, Corinna, Karina (i guess someone had fun rhyming)
Group 2-Hannah, Bryan, Jon, Taylor
Group 3- Myself, Jenae, Blake, Barclay, and Steven.
My group went to Summit View, a subsudized(if i spelled that right) housing facility for single parents with kids. Jenae, Chelsea (a group leader) and I picked up the garbage around the place, and we found two used condoms (colored and near the kids PLAY area) a patch of ghetto jeans, a jacket, i collected about 57 handfuls of cigarette butts (no joke), a handle of a plastic sword, lots of food wrappers, a tire, pop cans, a knife, a wierd..metal ..wrist thing? we werent sure what it was, it looked sort of like miedeval handcuffs, and so much more. This kid Jeremy would pull out his Yu-Gi-Oh cards and kick Blake everytime he showed them to him. He also bit Steven, which was wierd. However it was quite funny to hear Blake howl in pain from that violent little boy. Afterwords we hung out w/ the kids, and this one kid, Roman, just woudn't stop! it was amazing! he ran around pretty much the entire playground and yard 12 times, going in the exact same pattern (up the stairs, down the slide, through the swings..ect). The older kids where playing some sort of game on the swings called "mousetrap" i believe. After a while of that, this one blonde kid with a Pokemon shirt said (very loudly) to another boy"EW YOU JUST TOUCHED MY BUTT YOU FAGGOT!" this kid was about SEVEN or EIGHT years old and using that term! i wonder if he actually knows what it means. When he said that, Steven and I looked at each other like "oh. my. God." i was in such..shock. lalala and we chilled w/ the kids for about two hours, then headed back to First Pres to eat pizza. i find it funny that i ate only one and 3/4 slices of pizza, while everyone else ate a full 2+ slices. Taylor ate four! it was crazy. and Jon ripped his pants down to his knee. hahahhaha ..and used masking tape to tape it up. i laughed at him. but hes so HOT! aaaaaaahhhhhhh. mmm delicious...ok yea. On the way home, we stopped at the Dollar store, and i found a ribbon that said"Dad to Be" and micah and i got this exellent idea to make this whole "congrats on the baby" gift for garret. The card was soooo funny. i don't actually remember what it said, but on the inside it said something like "congraduations! It couldn't have happened to a more deserving person!" know..the baby. yeah. ok. so then we get this whole prank ready, and we can't find his address! its not in the phone book, its not in the school directory, i couldnt find it online either. i know he lives in Hangman Hills, but there are like a million houses down there. so our plot was foiled temporaraly. lalala and then my sister really embarrassed me but i dont want to tell that part of the story. I went to Carolines and Julia was there too and we ate pizza and watched Forrest Gump/The Twilight Zone and Ice Age later on.

Today i have the Europa thingy....and i have no idea where Europa is
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