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wildthing (profile) wrote,
on 2-27-2005 at 5:32pm
Subject: WOOOOT!
SO my party was FLIPPEN AWESOME! *gets excited feeling in tummy* Yeah it was really awesome lets see ppl who showed up: My Katie Bear, Kevin Runyan, Monica, Autumn Silvers, Danielle Pinney, Amanda Maxwell, Kevin and Kelli Schuitman, Amanda Smith, Rob Shivley, Cassie Jenkins , some random Ryan guy, Danielles bf, and yeah i think that is it, but it was tons of fun, we talked, listen to music, ate, video taped ppl and that was VERY interesting, we all watched NEPOLEAN DYNAMITE, White Castle, and Saw, all good movies for really, saw it just, well, CREEPY! anywho i got flowers from my danielle and i felt loved, i LOVED THEM, and i got new pj pants from My katie bear :D:D and make up which is flippen awewsome, i got money from Amanda Maxwell, Rob gave me a card and supposivly an IOU coming *lmao* yeah anyways, so i totally felt loved at my party *woot go me* Me, Katie, N Autumn stayed up alll night long and watched everyone sleep, hehe yeah and took pics, lmao, and then that was at like 630 am, and then autumn fell asleep on us, so yeah me and katie stayed up, then everyone was gone and i was asleep for 30 mins, and my bro woke me up and was like lets get ready to go, we had to get Janets tanning bed, and kitchen tables and stuff so yeah we did that and now I'mhere and I'm flippen Tired GOSH!

Quotes that stuck to me: *Your a Flippen Idiot GOSH!*

*Well i'm tryin to do that impression of her, but i'm Humping you.*

*Your Sliding down my Mount Everest's*

*I love you*


*We should show this in 6th hour, we'd be the only one's laughing MWAHAHAHA*

*We must We must We must increase our bust for fear for fear our boobs will disappear the bigger the better the tighter the sweater we must we must we must increase our bust.*

*Heather is flippen awesome*

*Katie Is Loved*

* Me :OMG I have always wanted an I am loved Pin!! Rachael: A what pin?? Me: a I am loved Pin! Katie: awww!*

*why are you so sweaty? Because i was practicing. Practicing what? Dancing, (drinks drink)*

So I had fun I hope all who went did and thanks for goin!!!

I LOVE YOU! *Muah, Hugs*
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