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lynds4090 (profile) wrote,
on 2-28-2005 at 6:34pm
Subject: and here comes the deppresion...
ah!!! today.. i was fine in the begining.. yeah i felt like shit and got no sleep even though i did go to sleep at 8 30! but heaven forbide i get a good nights sleep. my cold sucks. i hate having a cold.
play was fine until 3 40.... then people just start to annoy the crap out of me! i look at them and i don't understand. don't people know how to grow up? oh and i hate when the little freshman give me crap.. but yeah people need to grow up! so i'm not in a good mood at all!! and i finally get out of the practice.. come home and by the way .. lets just not plow today right?
so i come home not even home for a half hour and my mom is making her usually snotty little comments. you would think she would shut the hell up! i don't see her at school from 7 15- 5 .. everyday. ah i hate the musical so much! i honestly don't even think i wanna do it next year. everything and everyone just piss me off to the point where i come home everday w/ a head ache and in a bitch mood. i hate coming home bitchy. i hate being a bitch..... but ah it seems like every little thing makes me that much more mad. ah!!! i just wanna get away... not just for a week or a night. i just want to leave forever!
i'm sick.. i just wanna want a hug... i just want someone to hold me.. oh jeez here are these thoughts of longing for that "special someone." no i don't need a guy. think how much stress a guy would add... no.
ah! my mom is a bitch.. i'm not eating w/ them because they are having fish. i don't want fish! i HATE fish. i always had! and she expects me to help her out? i wonder what goes through her mind. ah! they upset me. my mom upsets me greatly.
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