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sweetiepie2006 (profile) wrote,
on 2-28-2005 at 8:44pm
Music: The Used- All That I've Got
Hey! Well Thursday Daddy gave me a new cell phone. Ain't that great?? I didn't even know i was getting one. He walked in my room and was like do u want this....hmmm don't believe i was gonna say no. haha. Neways, I went home with Shama Friday night...we went to the game...won by 1 point. It was greatness. After the game we came back to my house and watched Uptown wasn't the greatest. Saturday we went back to Shamas....she got all primped up and then me her and Cody went to the Olive Garden. Pretty Great...haha. After that we watched Hitch. I thought it was good. When the movie was over we went to Wal-mart and stood in the same place for like 5 hrs...haha...right Shama?!! blah! lol...Today I stayed home from school I just didn't feel the urge to go to school and cough all day. I swear my cough sounds like a motorcycle or sumthin when u rev it up...It's awful depressing. 2morrow is the trip to Billy Bobs...its better than being at school. The weather report thingie said theres supposed to be up to 3 inches here tho. I'd rather stay home than go to Billy Bobs. I hate being a sickling....well i'ma go...bye bye!!

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