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lifestourniquet (profile) wrote,
on 3-2-2005 at 12:47am
Current mood: contemplative
Music: SOAD- Chop Suey!
Subject: Employment
Well, I suppose it had to happen eventually hmm? I mean I did have to gain employment at one time or another. The only difference this time is that the interview must have gone pretty well because im now "highly recommended" for full time. Which I sincerely hope will fit in with my schooling at least until its completed. I want to be a manager, I think with this job I should really strive for that position... Im going to work particurarly hard on the first two shifts (Next friday and Thursday).

Also, Laurens sister Nicola has been pushing more and more lately for me to move out with her, now my sister also wishes to move out. Three people would be reasonably good, all that I fear is being stopped from seeing Lauren.

And on the note of Lauren, today I was in a somewhat sombre mood, just quiet I suppose, and Lauren had thought something wrong. Fair enough. I asked her if she wanted to do something tommorow and she turned around and said "Yeah, for sure" then we continued walking. However, when I called her in a chirpier mood later tonight, she said she had changed her mind on wanting to see me. Now this brings up the rather confusing question of, did she just say yes to humour me and try and make me feel better, or because she did actually want to see me? Merh...suppose we shall find out tommorow.
She got a new phone today phone, that somewhat worries me... I know she wouldnt send anything bad to her friends but...yet I still worry about it.

Anyway, going down the street tommorow with Krystal to get her centrelink away from home forms, probably go to King and Heath and J. Hanson and pick up some real estate rental property forms...See how that goes...

Downloading MSN Beta at the moment. Wondering quite a lot how that particular episode is going to turn out. If anyone has MSN Beta and wants to play it up or insult it, let me know now so I can get ready to return to the comfort of MSN 6.2.

So many new story ideas too, want my father to design the ship concepts for my Zodiac story. He hasnt finished the Seraphims or Dracons for the comic yet....which is slightly annoying...I really want to get into the comic field...even the director field...but cant find an artist that actually wants to draw as often as I want to write....Its severely....Gah....

Anyway, I suppose thats updated no?
Oh...Go see Constantine if you have the oppurtunity...apart from Keannu's two expression acting "talent" the movie is quite good, the angels look excellent, I want that kind of CGI in my movie....

Bit dissapointed in Charn lately too, she's meant to of called me on quite a few occassions "Ill call you when I get credit" and "Ill call you from a payphone" Of course...nothing yet....Adam seems to have stolen all her interest...funny...she had time to call Ricky when I was there ;-). Ah well, win some lose some eh?

Im off to be paranoid about Loz's actions today...Must remember to call her in the morning.

Have to get my web camera drivers found too...Hmmm.
Goodnight all.
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