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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 3-1-2005 at 11:16pm
Current mood: hum... dont really have a mood haha
Music: Nas-Just a Moment
Subject: my few days
welps im gonna try and keep it up this time lol..... i only have to update from sunday will now YAY lol at least it aint a month or something.... but anyways sunday i slept all day well not all day but a long time till like 3 or so then i watched tv...... Witt and Chris came up for a while and hung out and gave Grace her b-day gifts............. then i watched the ending of my girl.... that movie is sad ..... then at like 8 i went up to Apple Grove by my self... yeps thats right by my self i was soo excited lol besides the fact a big ol truck almost ran me over when i was pulling in there..... there almost was no more Kim .. very sad stuff right there...... when I came home from there i called up my Tater tot and made sure she wasnt mad at me for telling her mom something.... she wasnt good thing to or i was gonna have to get mad at mama kelly for telling her i told lol.... welps i didnt go to bed that night at all.. so monday at school i was hella tired....... i was really goofy all day up till 3rd and i was SOO tired i couldnt keep my eyes open.. oppz lol i tryed my best to stay awake in mama pyles but that stuff is hard lol even when your not tired your still fallin asleep in there lol......... as soon as i got home i got online for a little few then went to bed and didnt get up till eh..... 1am lol and i ate me something cause i was hungry lol.... then went to bed and Grace woke me up like ehhh 50 times made me mad i tell you what........ OH YEAH almost forgot something else that happend monday..... that Ceira ( Poca girl) tryed to tell Keshia off at lunch... to bad i missed it i might have had to kick her nasty little poca ass lol..... i really dont like her.... opps.... OH WELL.... she was like i heard you called me a slut........... i swear if i was there i would have been like well ya know if you didnt point out a big ol hole in your ass to wes 1000 times just so he would look at your ass and wear clothes that look like they would fit my little 3 year old sister then she wouldnt have called you a slut haha.............. sounds good dont it lol.... i think i could take her if she ever did want to go after Keshia or Shaina for that matter... im shaina body gaurd(spelled wrong) lol ........ anyways on to today... nothing really happend it was boring...... then i came home and talked online and was bored..... then went to Tim and Jills house to bring eggs over and came home played in the snow for a while... so what if i get sick i like it haha.. wait no i cant get sick then i will not be aloud to go next week to all state..... nope no sick time till then lol......... welps then i took a cat nap...and junoir woke me up at like 9:30 when he called... i was one ticked pup cause i didnt want to get up yet lol... oh well i did anyways and only talked for like 20 mins then he wanted me to get online i guess he dont like me talking to him on the phone oh well................ welps now i believe im gonna go shower....... ill update again later maybe lol Much Love and like always God Bless
*Kimberly Dawn*
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