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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 3-3-2005 at 4:22pm
Current mood: tired and dont feel good
Music: Marky Mark-good vibrations
welps yesterday was boring.... there was a 2 hour delay.......... and school was gay like always but then i went to sectionals to see the boys play... even tho they acted like they had never played basketball b4 in their lives.... it was BAD..... i had fun on the way home tho with me and the ol so GREAT Tabi lol we sure are good at singin tabi........ even tho you got yelled at from Scary uncle Terry... scared out of my mind let me tell ya lol..... I was fine after he yelled lol..... got home at like 9:30 or so..... then i came home and got online.... talked to Junior and then at like 1:10 he stoped talking to me and i got pissed off after about a hour so i went to bed....... well he called at 2 (right after i got off line) and told me to get back online so i didn cause im a nice person then we talked till like 15 till 3 and he called me to tells me goodnight aint he Great? i sure think so but yeah when he called Grace came in my room to yell at me for him calling so late but it was worth it lol ........ welps today was VERY boring i should have stayed at home I tell you what lol...... cause in like 1st didnt do anything really......... then in 2nd worked on stuff i had late..... lunch.... then sat in the gym for a few mins with Kesha so she didnt die lol..... then that writing whatever thing...... it was GAY I'm tellin ya..... i hated it.... i wanted to sleep lol... oh well...... then we got to Mama Pyles class at 15 till 3 and she still wanted us to take the tests and shiz.... i thought that was hella cute of her..... the bell rang to go home and i was still trying to answer stuff so i just guessed... so what i like big ol F's lol... and now here i am bored out of my mind and updating this thing for Tabi cause i know she is the only one that reads it lol........ welps Tab leave me a Comment lol Much Love and God Bless *Kimberly Dawn*
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