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lifestourniquet (profile) wrote,
on 3-4-2005 at 11:30pm
Current mood: accomplished
Music: AFI-Sing the sorrow
Subject: Out of home
So, I have been dislocated again hmm? Im now living by myself, well...not NOW because Im still at my parents house waiting for the cleaning smell to dissipate out of my house. But I do at least have a house now, hopefully with either Krystal or Nicola moving in...Its rather large...I really dont wish for a person whom I dont know to move in...

But Im going to finally unpack everything tommorow, spray out the garage and all the cobwebs, cut the tree branches blocking the garage door and the actual driveway to my garage, probably spray the roof near the garage too cos theres a few spiderwebs there...Just wondering how the fuck Im going to get the garage door open with a key that doesnt work. And for that matter, how Im meant to lock my windows with a key that wont lock them, but I desperatley need that garage door open, the only tap apart from the one outside is the kitchen and laundry. So Im wondering how Im going to attatch the hose. Curioser and curioser....hoping Lauren comes over tommorow. Matt and Nikki came over today, twas interesting...weirdly enough I did the idea why. Anyway....I have to start my school work tommorow....have to....Induction for work on Monday...should be interesting to say the least....

Better run....homework and such....Matt
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