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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 3-4-2005 at 4:32pm
Current mood: tired
Music: Jive Jones- Me Myself & I
Subject: oh so grand day
welps today was some what boring sure wish i wouldnt have told good ol Kesha i was gonna be there today lol..... yeps well i was pretty much upset all day cause of Junior .... so yeah we went to Rio and i sat with Kesha on the way there and i told her everything bout what happend last night and she was one ticked pup... but I got cheered up for a little while at Rio cause this guy was flirtin with me.... funny stuff lol... Kesha made fun of him all day it was great lol............ we had to help Rachel walk cause shes dumb lol she cant help it tho...... it was slick out side tho from where it snowed then rained she almost fell once.... funny stuff right there........... when we was getin ready to leave Keshia and Melody thought they saw Jack so I'm suppost to be asking him bout it later tonight when he gets online and talks to me or calles me or something.. welps im gonna get off here and take a nap then hopefully good ol Junior will call and wake me up and we can actually talk for a while instead of him just telling me to get online...... welps Leave me a good ol Comment Shaina lol....... Much Love and God Bless *Kimberly Dawn*
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