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sweetiepie2006 (profile) wrote,
on 3-4-2005 at 7:48pm
Music: Queen- Under Pressure
Hey! There's exactly one month til my birthday!! Isn't that grand?? I sure do think it is...haha...2 bad Mom n Dad arent getting me a car :(
Neways... I kinda didn't go to school today. Mom made me go to the doctor...blah!! It seemed like I had to wait 5 hrs in the waiting room but I have 4 diff things of medicine now...I feel like a druggie...He gave me 2 diff kinds of pills....liquid antibiotic(PUKE!!)...and stuff to spray up my can't wait til 2morrow tho...Mom's taking me to the mall...the malls great! Maybe I can pick out things for my bday...I sure do hope so cuz presents are great...well I shall talk to y'all later...bye bye!!

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