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lovesolost511 (profile) wrote,
on 3-5-2005 at 8:39am
Current mood: excited
Music: Sooner or Later-Fastball
Ok, so last night was Mrs Bennetts 50th suprise bday party. and i come home, with a plethera of tales. First, Allison, Courtney, Caroline and Camille arrive in Courtneys dads truck, and needless to say it wasn't a very smooth ride. so then we didnt know where the hell this resturaunt was, except that it was near the Campbell House in Browne's Edition. There was this really scary butler with a fake British accent that really got on my nerves, and blah blah. so finally mrs bennett gets there and she looked mildy confused for a second. ha..
Then, being the total idiot i can be, i go over to this punch bowl, and ask this girl nearby "is this rigged?" and shes like"no." so i was like ok cool. and i get a glass of it, and just as i'm about to take a giant gulp, that frickin butler appears next to me and goes"excuse me, miss are you aware there is champagne in that?" GOD that was embarrassing, especially since about 50 people saw me do it too. oh well, i got some anyways. hehe. and never, ever eat this hors d'oevre called..well i dont actually know what its called, but it had a cucumber at the bottom, and was topped with tuna and some really spicy ..cream stuff. so a few drinks of champagne infused orange juice, some cake, bread, cheese and a flirty waitress..person later, laura, camille, caroline, julia and i went to go see Meet the Fockers. that movie was sooo strange. i would probably shoot myself if my name was Gaylord...
I learned that Camille calls her parents by thier first names.

Zac got his haircut too. its not long anymore. haha that girl that told me there wasnt any alcohol in the punch was totally flirting with all the college guys there. oh well. i would too if i had old people there all the time.
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